Commercial Debt Collection

Our prime objective is to assist you by providing a high quality, comprehensive service specifically designed to reflect your needs. We find that the best way to achieve this is to discuss exactly what your requirements are.

Our account collections operation has been designed to offer 10 clearly defined benefits:

  • Immediate and individual attention to each account by means of correctly timed letters and phone calls, followed up by a Solicitors Letter Before Action at no additional charge if needed.
  • Retention of goodwill.
  • A swift collection and turnaround meaning we get your money to you fast.
  • All payments requested payable to you.
  • Any legal work carried out on site by a firm of specialist debt recovery solicitors.
  • Documentation to confirm the issuing of proceedings and entry of Judgment where legal action has been taken.
  • No annual subscriptions or membership fees.
  • Commission applied on No Collection/No Charge basis.
  • Wherever possible, we will tailor our service to your requirements.
  • A dedicated point of contact.

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